Creating Healthy Daily Habits Course

Learn how to build a sustainable routine that promotes your well-being

What is Included?

How many times have you told yourself, I will start exercising on "X" or I need I know to stop snacking but I can't.

Let's learn how to build a sustainable and transformative routine that promotes your well-being. This program covers goal setting, exercise, nutrition, sleep, mindfulness and more.

You will learn to create individual specific goals by establishing a routine and gradually incorporating positive behaviors into your daily life.

*Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional or nutritionist and will not diagnose or correct an ailment/injury. When working out, please listen to your body and take breaks and/or modifications when necessary. This program is intended to help you find healthy habits that will work. I have no doubt that you will find success.

Are you ready to finally get the results you have been looking for?

Can you answer Yes to the below questions?

I get enough sleep CONSISTENTLY
I drink enough water DAILY
I move my body for at least 30 minutes a day
I am full after I eat until the next meal
I understand portion control and don't do CHEAT DAYS

Sometimes it's not that we can't do it, it's that we don't do it consistently.

What you will get when you join?

1:1 Intro call so I can better understand your goal(s)
Monthly Zoom group coaching calls
Ask questions M-F through the Facebook group

Remember, creating Healthy Daily Habits is a process, and it's essential to be patient. Over time, these habits can lead to a significant improvement in your overall health and well-being. 

How does this work?

It comes down to planning, being able to adapt to changes, and understanding there will be setbacks but those are building blocks to success.

Example: I need to get more sleep.

Why: Sleep is essential for your well-being and mental clarity. It helps with metabolism, hormones, blood pressure, immunity and more.

How: We will start by understanding your evening routine.

What will happen? You are going to establish boundaries with the distractions around you and create a new routine. Your body will become used to this new healthy routine, so if you do have a setback, like a late night movie with your husband, it won't take days to bounce back but instead the next night.

Ashley Welling

Mom, Wife, Fitness Instructor, Author, Former Professional Cheerleader

Hi! I'm Ashley. I'm a mom to a little boy living with my husband on the family farm. I work full-time as a Quality Engineer and have always had a passion for Health + Fitness. It wasn't until I had my son, where I found the body doesn't always bounce back and being observant of your daily habits is important.

Through trial and error with food and exercise, I have developed a system using the Clean Eating approach that has not only helped me lose weight but also improve my overall health. What I bring to you is what has worked for me for the last 10+ years as well as others who have joined.

Explore and I hope you find what I offer helpful. Take your time and always listen to your body.

"I believe everyone has a purpose in life and mine is to help you become the best version of yourself."