Are you Ready to Create Healthy Daily Habits?

Hi! I'm Ashley, and I help you create healthy daily habits through Clean Eating + Exercise

In July 2023, I made the decision to go off birth control. After doing my yearly bloodwork and lowering my Triglycerides through changing how I ate, my platelet count also decreased. Through a series of additional tests, my Hematologist diagnosed me with Gestational Thrombocytopenia. I had low platelets during pregnancy (4 years prior), they slowly came up but 1 year later significantly dropped. At this point, I decided to stop birth control to better understand my current hormone level.

What does "Clean Eating" mean? 
It is the practice of eating unrefined & unprocessed foods.

"Clean eating nourishes your body with healthy and nutrient-dense foods. Clean foods fill your body with plentiful vitamins and minerals, high-quality protein and healthy fats, which improve heart and brain health, assist with weight management, build a stronger immune system and increase energy levels, among other benefits. Foods in their natural state are more flavorful." (Mayo Clinic)

Sounds pretty good, right? This isn't a diet program but a lifestyle change. I implemented this change in June 2023. It has not only helped me lose weight but also decreased my grocery bill, increased overall energy, better sleep, clearer skin and more!

What will my Creating Healthy Daily Habits program teach you?
The 4 types of nutrients you need in every meal.
The blood sugar curve and why it is important.
The #1 mistake people make when trying to lose weight.
A simple strategy to burn more calories while sleeping.
and more!

Food is 1 part of Creating Healthy Daily Habits
Paired with exercise, balancing stress, skin protection, proper hygiene and more, you will realize that you don't need to purchase a fancy program to live a healthy lifestyle. It is about finding the right balance using what is already around you. 

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Are you ready to start now?
Your first step is to track you daily habits. This includes food, exercise, sleep and water.
Habit tracking serves as a powerful tool for personal growth, helping you stay focused and make informed choices.
You will not find the program helpful unless you first understand what you are currently doing.

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Note: Complete 1 full month of using this journal and then review.

"This system works! I live a busy life with my schedule being grueling. Basically, I was exhausted and instead of trying to cope looking for food to soothe my stress, I'd fallen into a cycle of caffeine, crash, sugar, crash, sugar, crash, etc. Once I learned the system, no more crashes!"

"I was skeptical at first. There are so many diets out there, how will this one help me? It's not a diet, but a lifestyle. Once you learn blood sugar, how to use the 4 ingredients in each meal, it becomes so easy. Food is fun."

"I looked at my ultimate goal too often and would get discouraged. Ashley breaks it down to the basics, then teaches you how to put it all together. I paired it with her workouts and going to the gym, and I feel great."

Let's Get to Know Each Other!

When I think I have it figured out, guess what? I don't! That's the magic of being honest and always wanting to know more. If you want more insight into health and fitness from a mom, wife, friend then you have come to the right place. Each week, you will get my tips for workouts, food and life.  

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