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Welcome to my list of must-have items as you energize your wellness journey with mindful eating + fitness.  
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Protein Powder + Collagen
Protein provides the building blocks of the body, and not just for muscle. Every cell, from bone to skin to hair, contains protein. All of your hormones, antibodies, and other important substances are composed of protein. Protein is not used to fuel the body unless necessary.

Once of the simplest ways to incorporate protein into your meals is in a powder form. Be careful and read the ingredient list because many powders add extra vitamins, fillers and emulsifiers. Sometimes these extra additions will not agree with your body.

I like to keep it simple and found a protein powder that does just that.
3 ingredients (flavor, sweetener (natural) and protein).
It helps decrease my sugar cravings, has great flavor and keeps me full.

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Workout Clothes
Prior to having my baby, I didn't have to worry about clothing and how it fit. I only wore leggings and sports bras to the gym and majority of brands fit my body.

That changed after my C-Section, 60lb weight gain and Covid. Through trying, I have found this brand to have the best leggings. There are different styles for different body types and workouts. Some of the fabric is recycled material and it is manufactured in WRAP facilities (equivalent of FDA approved plants). P.S. not all brands using these manufacturers and some are known to have chemicals in their fabrics.

Please remember, your body is not like mine, so fit may be different. That's why I always say "If you like what you see, then try it." I have tried other brands and some I like their sports bras and tank tops more than this one.

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*I am an affiliate and will make a commission. Thank you for your support.

Amazon Storefront

Get all my must have items for the gym and home, put into one shopping experience, including Protein Powder, Collagen, Workout Equipment, Wellness Books and more. These are items I have found to be the most helpful to start and continue your wellness journey.

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*I am an affiliate and will make a commission. Thank you for your support.

Wellness Journal
"Your Wellness Journey: A Comprehensive Journal" is more than just a notebook; it's your personal coach, guiding you to optimize your sleep, elevate your fitness, make healthier food choices, and incorporate supplements wisely.

    Whether you're aiming for better physical health, mental clarity, or increased vitality, this daily journal is your tool for self-discovery and transformation. Begin your journey to wellness today, and let this journal be your trusted companion along the way. Make each day a step toward a healthier, happier you!

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This is my published book, thank you for your support!

Love Wellness
Women's Wellness for Every Body
Safe, more effective wellness products for your gut, brain and vagina. I started using these a few months ago and they work. The collagen is my favorite because it has no sugar, no carbs, is color dye free and no flavor. I love adding it my morning smoothie in the Healthy Habits tab. I also enjoy the Bye Bye Bloat, Gut Probiotics and ph balancing cleanser.

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